Virtual flying

I’d like to say that I’m currently on a  Cathay Pacific flight to somewhere. but I’m not.

I was going through a lot of my old photographs on devices that have been mothballed by the march of time, this being a Samsung Galaxy Tab and at the time we were inseparable.

It has been to three separate continents and countless countries, and written far more words than there are miles to the moon and back, a rather quaint measure that get’s used a lot.

And of course now I have to and look up just how many miles that is:  238,855.

OK, then it’s more like 10 times that over the years.  And, no, I’m not going to go back over everything I’ve written since Noah launched the ark and find out.

It has now been replaced with the latest Galaxy Tab, and I haven’t yet been seduced to the dark side, and bought and Ipad, even though my other half has one.  In fact, she has the trifecta, an i-pad, an i-phone, and an i-watch.

Once, when we were in Singapore I nearly bought an i-pod, but even in the cheapest electronics store they were still as dear as they were back home.  That was where I finally realized duty-free was just two words and no basis in fact.  These days, I’ve found most things at duty-free stores can be found cheaper in a normal store.

So, my virtual flight is to Hong Kong. 

Unfortunately due to the new Chinese law over Hong Kong, and the fact the Chinese hate Australians, or so we’re told by members of their embassy here, quite intensely, there is no way I would ever go to Hong Kong again.

I’m guessing most of the 26 million potential visitors who live here will feel the same.

Good thing then the plane just turned around to come back home.  Some sort of defect, they say, with the landing gear.

Good thing then I’m located at the rear of the plane.

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