May progress

Being restricted in movement for some would be a bad thing, but for me, it has proved very beneficial for my writing.

I finally got time to look at those stories I needed to work on.

Firstly the episodic stories, one of which has been completely written, a total of 49 episodes, and the last few unpublished episodes will be published over the next two months.

One, about a treasure hunt, had about 9 episodes added to the to be published list, and just now I have come up with the next theme.

Our MC has discovered information that his friend, the one who instigated the treasure hunt using maps and documents he discovered of his fathers.  His father disappeared and the treasure was never found.  His documents contain clues, but these are being crossed off one by one.

While our MC is associating with a girl he knew in school (but never dated) he discovered new clues and hitherto undiscovered map that a rival team of treasure hunters has.  He had a dilemma, whether to tell his friend and continue the hunt with him or strike out with the girl, knowing he cannot trust her.

Of course, there will be some shattering discoveries before the story ends, but those events will have to wait until the episodes are published.

You can read the latest episode here:

Currently, I’m working on the story that is using Castle Briolio in Italy as a backdrop, and have managed to write another 7 episodes, with several more in the coming days, that will complete the current plotline.

I don’t anticipate this story will run to more than 50 episodes.

The latest installment is here:

As always, I am writing short stories just to keep my mind on something else while writing the bigger stories.  I’ve reached Number 107, with the next two to be published soon.

Go here if you wish to read it:

And some good news, I had just got the final list of edits for ‘The Things we do for Love’, and will be incorporating them, leading to the book being published in July 2020.

It will be listed on Amazon soon for pre-orders.

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