Taking the headlines and conjuring up the plot of a novel

What do you make of this lot:

What happened at a Russian missile site?  This is also tinged with nuclear fallout.

The US is consulting with allies in Asia about missile sites.  Nothing more inflammatory to a country like China, with whom relations are deteriorating at a rapid rate of knots.

Investors rush to buy bonds.  OK, that’s short term bonds not long term bonds, and that, of course, caused an inverted curve, suggesting a preclusion to a recession.

Gold and silver investment is booming, and in times past, this could be a precursor to war.

China has survey vessels in the South China Sea.  Why no one knows.  China is also planning naval exercises in the same area.  Are they flexing muscles or sending a warning?

They’ve also got problems in Hong Kong, and, so far, there have been violent scuffles, but restraint has been shown but how long will it be before another Tiananmen Square incident?  COVID 19 might have taken the heat out of the violence, but with restrictions being relaxed, it will surely start up again.

And, of course, there’s always another flashpoint in Kashmir, which everyone seems to have an opinion, but that has been simmering for a long, long time.

And as for the former world power, the UK, they’ve got past the initial stages of Brexit, but now they have a greater problem, the Royal Family writing a new and damaging headline every other day.

At least it takes everyone’s mind of the damage being done by COVID 19.

So, aside from all the COVID 19 stuff which is generating some interesting headlines in the USA, from a thriller writer’s perspective, it means that Russia is very interested in who is, and will become President; the US is trying to pre-empt missile strikes from China or is it North Korea; and it seems that savvy investors have a notion the world might be on the brink of war.

And aside from being the world leader in all matters COVID 19, the US appears:

  • to be in a trade war with China, or perhaps a war of words, still
  • to have sold billions worth of arms to Taiwan, a red rag to a bull if there was ever one
  • to have offered to help out in Kashmir
  • to be continually sending ships to the South China sea to show the ‘flag’
  • to be standing back and giving North Korea all the rope they need
  • to be handling the COVIS 19 situation in a very different manner to other countries.

Can we get a plot line out of all this?

Title:  Flashpoint


A leaked report on a Russian missile base suggests a recent ‘mishap’ with disarming ‘old nuclear missiles’, was more than just routine issue, and a flyover by satellite shows there are more sinister and unexplainable operations in play.

Meanwhile, the arrival of a Russian nuclear specialist and a group of Chinese scientists in North Korea is quickly followed by several missile tests a week later.  Are the North Koreans, with the help of the Chinese, looking to arm their missiles with Russian nuclear warheads supposedly be ‘disarmed’ under the non-proliferation treaty?

Meanwhile, there is a great deal of debate as to who created the Coronavirus currently devastating the world.  Did it originate in a US lab and secretly smuggled into a Chinese Bio Lab, and then deliberately released into a Chinese wet market, or was it simply started from the contamination of an exotic animal being eaten?

The CIA has sent two of their best operatives to find out what is really going on, one, Sam Stockton, borne of Russian parents, and who has yet to exorcise his demons from the last failed mission, and the other, Elizabeth Chen, a Chinese born, North Korean expert who is coming out of retirement for this particular delicate assignment.

Will they discover the truth before the superpower leaders are drawn into a fight none of them can win?

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