I have to say I’m gobsmacked

Its been a short morning.

After a long two weeks of early mornings after very late nights, looking after grandchildren, getting one to school and home again, lunches and everything in between, it was a well-deserved sleep in.

What woke me up?

Donald Trump.  It took only two minutes to realize it was a campaign rally, ‘I am the greatest person in the whole world’ self-aggrandizing exercise.  And an opportunity to rubbish the Democrats.

As a person looking in from the outside, I would be easily led to think that the Democrats were worse than the Nazis.  Dancing in Chinatown when there’s a pandemic raging around them?  Wow!

And not one positive word about what’s happening in relation to the COVID 19 problem

Except of course, ‘they asked for medical supplies and I drowned them in supplies’, ‘thank you Mr. President’, over and over and over.  You have to back up only a day or so when the reality from someone on the front line was drowned out by the loudest voice in the room, that’s right, it was Mr. President.

With him in charge, why would I be worried?

Thank God then, I don’t live in the United States.

Fifteen minutes of headache-inducing self-aggrandizement was all I could take before switching to Selling Houses Australia.

And work on writing a new chapter with something far more pleasing in the background.

Later I sat back and considered conspiracy theories with the coronavirus at the heart of it.

What if a country developed a virus, stopped it from spreading in their own country, but allowed thousands and thousands of people to travel overseas, to the four corners of the earth.

What if there was a massive deception program to downplay how bad the virus is until the carriers have left the country so they can infect the rest of the world.

What if it also involves skewing the infection and death numbers so no one really finds out how infections could multiply exponentially.  Not until the damage is done.  Then the world can be told about it being asymptomatic during incubation and transmittable stage, spreading the virus without anyone knowing.

To what end?

Destroy the economies of their trading partners, bring on a global financial meltdown, or just because they can?

No, there’s a far more sinister reason this happened.  We just don’t know what it is yet.

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