Short story writing. Don’t try this at home! (2)

This is not meant to be a treatise on short story writing.  Far be it for me to advise anyone on the subject.  I prefer to say how it is that I do it so you can learn all of the pitfalls in one go.

I like to think I fly by the seat of my pants, you know, like the reader who takes up the story and starts reading, not having a clue where it’s going to go.

I prefer that blissful ignorance, of course, until I have to start editing it into something that resembles a logical story,

It was a revelation when I discovered there are two types (possibly more) or writer, pantsers and planners.

I’ve tried both.  Both work.  But in the case of the latter, you need to know where it’s going to start what’s going to happen in the middle and have the end firmly planted in your mind.  Not much good if a rotten character is pissing you off and you want to kill him, excruciatingly.

Flying blind gives you a little more creativeness, and be able to go around a corner and see what’s there.  it also allows for those complete changes of direction you come up with in the shower, that place that is a fertile ground for new ideas just when you’re running out of them.

But, it can sometimes play havoc with word counts and if you’re trying to fit into 2,000 words, 5,000 words, or a lot less, taking the story where it wants to go is not a good idea, and sadly, I tend to let stories run their course.

And sometimes I like the idea of writing three different endings, and then can’t choose which one I like the best.

So, role model I am not.  I like writing, and when I’m in the ‘zone’ it’s like I’m in another world.

But, then, isn’t that the case for all of us?

More unclarity tomorrow!

One thought on “Short story writing. Don’t try this at home! (2)

  1. I’m the same as yourself. I’ve tried the planning method but I almost never enjoy it as much as when I’m just writing on the fly and coming up with it on the spot. So much more fun that way 🤗

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