Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 17

The April version of the November write-a-thon is upon us, well, me actually.  I’m not sure hope many others are trying to resurrect an old piece of writing.

The truth is, I’ve been at this story off and on over the past three years, and every time I get a head of steam, something else comes along.

Now I’ve decided to use the April version of NANOWRIMO to get this thing finished, or at least in a first draft state.

Part 3 is now finished and it is onto the laborious work of getting part 4 right.  There will be about ten chapters in this section, and then a short Part 5 which is yet to be written.

Chapter 34 marks the first for Part 4, and it’s today’s assignment, and in the editing, Part 3 came back to end at a renumbered Chapter 33, two previous chapters being combined with editing of another two.

Today’s word count takes me to the end of Chapter 35 and adds another 1,508 words to a total of 52,793 so far.





One thought on “Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 17

  1. I’m the same with my writing. I have been trying to write this since 2018 using even NaNo event I could and still am yet to complete it..and sadly it’s looking less and less likely for this month too! Congrats on your writing though 🤗

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