Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 5

The April version of the November write-a-thon is upon us, well, me actually.  I’m not sure hope many others are trying to resurrect an old piece of writing.

The truth is, I’ve been at this story off and on over the past three years, and every time I get a head of steam, something else comes along.

Now I’ve decided to use the April version of NANOWRIMO to get this thing finished, or at least in a first draft state.

I’ve come across a few issues between chapters 10 and 14, and there needs to be a review of the events comprising these chapters.

I won’t be padding it out, and it looks like I might be able to incorporate the events in two, thus losing two place markers that I thought I might need later.

It’s an old Project Management trick of padding days allowing for time over-runs that might occur.  In Projects, it’s not strictly a legit thing, but it can cover you when stuff goes south.

Today’s word count takes me to the end of Chapter 12 and adds another 3,703 words to a total of 17.983 so far.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll be back to editing again.



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