A to Z Challenge 2020 – A is for: A funny thing happened…


There was no doubt the morning was going to end badly.

After all, it started with a bang, yes, a bang. That was the power meter blowing up. The sixty-year-old electrical wiring had finally given out. Or was it the three power boards running out of the single outlet attach to twelve different appliances?

It didn’t matter. No hot water, so no shower. No kettle or toaster, so no breakfast, unless you call a so-called power bar breakfast.

No phone, for that matter, to ring the electrician, and, yes, I forgot to charge my mobile phone, and now the power is out…

1% battery left. I try to dial the number and it dies.

So, on my way to work, a funny thing happened…

I ran into an old school friend I hadn’t seen for years, and probably never would, living just up the road. I’d left a half-hour earlier than usual, and I discovered she always left at that time. Came home later, too.  That’s why I’d never seen her.

Perhaps there is such a thing as a ‘silver lining’.


© Charles Heath 2020

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