Another crazy idea, borne from plane boredom

How’s this for a crazy plane; snatch a top-level German General and get him to give up the enemy’s secret plans for reigniting their war against the allies in France, heading once and for all towards England.

It was dreamed up by a group of data analysts that were not quite as savvy as those at Bletchley Park, but nevertheless, saw an opportunity.

A top-level General who shunned personal security because he believed it showed weakness.

And, of course, it worked, the General was spirited away by an elite group of commandos and was now languishing in a remote, dark, gloomy vault somewhere in Scotland.

No one anticipated he wouldn’t talk, not even under the most skilled interrogator, or most horrid methods to extract information.

He said nothing.

No, he did say something. Once.

“Bring my wife to me and I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”


So, how’s this for another crazy plan.

Go get the General’s wife.

Of course, what starts out a simple idea suddenly becomes a dangerous and complicated operation.

Stay tuned for more

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