Harry Walthenson, Private Detective

Harry is embarking on his second case, this time with Felicity as his investigative partner.  This time it’s closer to home when his father goes missing leaving a cryptic note behind.  Harry’s mother becomes the client, giving Harry the job of finding him.

But, all is not what it appears.

His father’s colleagues are sure he’s just taken off with a new mistress, something he apparently does from time to time.  His associates seem unworried about his departure.

And when Harry and Felicity discover a connection between his father and a major crime family, people who are possibly responsible for the near-death experience Harry had during his last investigation, things start to heat up in more ways than one.

Who is Emil Florenz, a golf partner, psychiatrist, and property developer?

Who is Augustus Shawville, the proverbial international man of mystery?

Who is Orville Argeter, an accountant who has numerous clients who often find themselves on the wrong side of the legal ledger?

Then there’s a host of family connections,

The forever looming specter of Harry’s grandfather, Jeremiah Walthenson, deceased

His first wife, Giselle White, divorced, who works in the practice’s archive, disillusioned and disappointed in the way her marriage ended

Alicia Wentworth an alleged gold digger and the woman who stole Jeremiah away from Giselle, and is suspected by the family of murdering Jeremiah for his fortune

Harry’s mother, Elsie Wilkinson, one of the Boston Wilkinson’s who are wealthy beyond imagining, and who once had a relationship with Florenz.

Who, of these, knows the truth?

Well, it’s time to find out.

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