NANOWRIMO Supplementary Day Two


Without the pressure of a time limit, and no distractions, I was able to sit down and go over the plan for the last few chapters.

I had got to a point in the story where I was satisfied with what I’d written, but it did have ramifications later on, ramifications that were not in the original plan.

That later on, of course, is now, so once I’d looked at the plan, read the previous two chapters to get my bearings, it was easier to write.


Isn’t there always a but?

As I’m writing, another thought came to mind. Some time ago I realised there needed to be another action sequence arising out of an event that had sparked an impromptu and ill fated attempted kidnapping.

That had to be avenged, but in the rough draft I had already written, it didn’t figure in the ending.

Now it does, and I have written it, and it’s great.

Even if I say so myself.

Tomorrow I will be covering the fallout from this event.

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