NANOWRIMO Day Twenty Four


I was writing Chapter 29 and suddenly I had a bad feeling.  You know the sort of feeling you get, you’ve forgotten something, or there wasn’t a lead into an event which will feel like it came from nowhere…

I’m having one of those moments.


I’ve forgotten something.

So, I stop writing and bring up the last eight chapters and start reading.

No, nothing I’ve forgotten.  But there is something.

No point going on.  This has to run around in my mind for a bit while doing something completely different, like painting a ceiling.

True, I’m in the middle of painting the dining room ceiling and put it off to get on with the project.  The project has hit a speed hump, so it’s back to the painting.

Halfway through the roof, it comes to me.

A basic error, of not making sure all of the points are covered in the story otherwise the reader will say, ok, you said that back in Chapter 18 and now, why haven’t you realised that something’s going to happen because of your negligence.

I know what it is.

And it will require another chapter.

But first, I have to finish the painting.


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