It was a day like no other.

Oops been watching Romancing the Stone again, and that catchy line caught my attention.  Perhaps I can use it somewhere, one day.


The project is proceeding on course, adhering more to the outline than less, and it’s looking good.

I know just in saying that the ship is about to founder on a reef, so I’ll brace myself.

Today’s quota of words is done early so I can sit down soon and door the crossword over a cup of coffee while waiting for dinner to cook in the oven.

Perhaps we might have a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with dinner.  What I’ve noticed with these are they are not all the same, and some actually taste terrible, and some are quite exquisite.  I suspect it might be where they grow the grapes, even if it is in the same region.

And, later, I’ll take another look at the sidebar I decided to add in, and flesh it out a little more.  In view of what is happening, it is rather fortuitous that it came out of left field because it will serve as a reminder that being home doesn’t mean their safe.

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