I didn’t take very long to finish off my quota of words today, and with the spare time, I decided to go back over the plan and see how the second half of the book is holding up in accordance with the plan.

Despite the misgivings I had in becoming a planner for this exercise, it had proved a good idea, particularly when you have to write a certain numberof words a day to reach the target.

Last year, it was a pantzer effort, and I know, at times, I struggled with continuity, and found myself having to backtrack when plot changes required earlier intervention.

Writing as a pantzer is much more viable when you have a much longer time to write the story, like a whole year, because I find I sometimes get only so far, and I nedto thinkabput the next step.

Today I’ve taken the time to translate all of the notes for the forthcoming chapters into a bound notebook, with several pages for each of the chapters, allowing for a number of possible later changes.

I now feel I’m in a better place to continue.

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