My NaNoWriMo project is …

Nanowrimo graphic

I was going to say, it was sinking like the Titanic, but that’s a joke going to far.

Last night I was working on some ideas about how the start will take shape, but the problem was, everything I wrote was terrible.

In fact, I was beginning to think I was losing the plot, a rather interesting turn of phrase for a writer to use, don’t you think.

Or a pathetic joke.

So, after about an hour of putting ideas to paper, I looked at it, and then tore it up.¬† Figuratively, that is, because it’s on the computer and unless I delete it, it will still be there to haunt me.

we all know that deleting a file doesn’t necessarily mean it’s deleted.

OK, getting off track.

This morning I’ve been mulling over it, or more like stressing over it because I need to get an outline on paper if I’m going to get 50,000 words written.

How will I do this if I can’t get the start right?

So, I came up with a subtitle, “what happens in Moscow doesn’t necessarily stay in Moscow”.

Well, it sounded good in my head, not so much now that I’ve put it down on paper.


In essence, that’s what the start is about, and the character it involves is in a great deal of trouble.

Of course, the other character, who is a long way from the event that spawns the subtitle, doesn’t know it yet, but he will be the one who will be looking for the cause because events like these don’t happen unless there’s a reason.

Of course, you’re no doubt, as confused as I am for the moment.

The subtitle stays, the plot needs more work, and there are just seven days to get it sorted.

Back to work then!

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