A ‘killer’ biography! What is that?

Since Twitter moved from 140 characters to 280 characters, it’s like having a new lease on life.


Still agonizing over what constitutes a ‘killer’ bio.

So much so that I have been trawling through thousands of other bio’s trying to understand what makes a good one.

Quite a lot preface theirs with Dad to or Mom to x wonderful children.  I think that goes without saying, so moving on.

Quite a lot advertise services using hashtags which is a great idea, perhaps in the hope people are looking for said services and DM them for more information.  I don’t think many people would take much notice of that, and move on.

But …

That brings up the relevance of using hashtags in the bio.  That gives me a bit more scope to make it to the point.

A quick search of relevant hashtags reveals:

writer, author, thriller, mystery, adventure, writing etc.

All are useful but it doesn’t really carry any pulling power.  We need something that grabs the reader’s attention and do it in the shortest, most succinct manner.

I am a writer, a wordsmith, who, I was once told, swallowed a dictionary.  But, in the light of the current task, you’d think it would be just a ‘walk in the park’ instead of the proverbial ‘pain in the neck’.

Perhaps I could compose a riddle that comes back to the answer of who I am, but who has the time to sit and work it out.

I think that might be a little pretentious.

So, how about, ‘published author’, technically correct as my books are published on Amazon.  I could use ‘aspiring to become the best selling author’.  But that one worries me, because a lot of authors use that, and er all can’t be ‘vest’ selling authors.

Or can we?

Perhaps I might say, ‘an author aspiring to become a successful author, who published five novels on Amazon and adding more soon’.

Better, but not great.

Maybe I’ll keep working on it.

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