It’s nearly the end of another month

And where am I in the greater scheme of things?

I don’t feel like I’ve made any progress.

Well, that’s not exactly true.

With ‘The Things We Do For Love’, the final edit is about halfway through, and in a mad moment, I decided to flesh out Chapter Thirty, which was altogether too brief and didn’t say how certain events came about.  That’s been rectified now, and instead of one chapter, it’s now five.

OK, I know the reason for editing is to reduce the size of the book and weed out unnecessary words, but I assure you this is for plot continuity more than anything else.

I’m still not happy with Chapter Twenty Nine, but I’ve revised it about seven times now, and I think one or two more might do it.  I should learn not to keep tinkering and leave it to the editor to sort out.

Being Inspired, Maybe has finally come back from the editor and there’s a pile of pages sitting in my in-tray … waiting.

As for my four episodic stories, the treasure hunt, the surveillance exercise gone wrong, the world war two story, and what started with a helicopter crash and became way too complicated, they all need new episodes.

The other two, an icy rescue, and motive means and opportunity are still in limbo.  After all, there are only so many stories you can write at once.

Perhaps a crossover is in order, like in the Flash, Supergirl and others universe.

If only there were enough hours in a day.


Now NANOWRIMO is almost upon us and I have to get my next story for it into the planning stage with an outline and summary of chapters and daily schedule that will accommodate 1667 or something like that words a day.

Double sigh.

And the cat, well, just don’t get me started!

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