It felt like being lost in the wilderness

Except I was in the heart of suburbia.

Yes, in our city we have parks surrounded by housing, but when you’re in the middle of them, the sounds of suburbia are gone, and in their place the rustling of the leaves, and the sound of wildlfe scurrying across the forest floor.

It’s been dry for a few weeks now, and no rain on the horizon, so everything is quite dry.  That made it easier to hear any animals, and, we came across a wallaby, and I’m not sure who scared who.

For the children, it was an experince because usually when you live in large cities, there are no animals except for cats and dogs.  Of course, if there are any cats on the loose, the animals suffer because of the cat’s predetorial nature.

A wallaby is a bit large for a cat to take down, but that doesn’t man it might be  able to get a hold of a ring tail possum, or any of it’s relatives.

There are supposed to be koalas, but we didn’t see any.  Koalas and suburbia don’t mix, and they are frequently hit by cars, firstly because they can be quite small and un-noticable, and secondly no one has told the koalas about cars so they think they’re just walking across an opening in the forest.

Next we find a lizard, almost camouflaged by the log it’s stranding on.  Not much further along, we find another lizard, green this time, not quite the colour of the forest floor, and we get some great photos.

Of course the writer in me is always on the lookout for something to write into a story, and plots were running thick and fast, a plane crash in the jungle and trying to find a way out, looking for a rebel camp, being separated from the rest of the group on a trek, one tree looks the same as the next, and the next, etc.

Perhaps i should just soak in this little part of natural forest, because before long, some crooked councillor will change the zoning for an equally corrupt businessman to build shoddy apartment blocks on it, each making a killing, and leaving the poor residents to clean up the mess.

Oop, I thinks that’s already happened…

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