It’s the end of the month … again

How quickly time flies, although I have to say I spent 12 of those May days in China or what could only be described as a whirlwind tour.

Did I get any inspiration?  Well, I have to say I was gobsmacked on more than one occasion, but yes, there was ample material that I could, and will, eventually, use.

And, yes, I did start another story, but I didn’t get too much done because the others were impinging on my thoughts.


The treasure hunt continues, but our hero is starting to obsess with Nadia.  Who is Nadia, well, if you don’t know, you will have to go and read

url –

Then there’s the what happens after the action-packed start, what I call the desert story, our hero is now being taken back to a past secret mission.  Obviously, someone wants to know something, it’s just working out who that someone is to recognise the significance.

No, torture’s not on the table yet

url –

Then there’s the surveillance gig, one that got caught up in building demolition, no, sorry, a building that was blown up by some over-enthusiastic bank robbers.  Our man on the spot is now looking for his target or is it the other way around

You be the judge, url –

Back at the Castello di Briolio, man and dog got separated, at least the dog had the good sense to get away, and our hero is languishing in the cells.  Well, all that’s about to change

url –

I’m working on some more ‘a picture paints a thousand words, or less’ posts, with another five due soon.

The reason, you ask why I’m working on so many storylines at once, well, it seems my mother has dementia, and I’m trying to avoid it by overworking my brain.  The problem is I’m getting on in years, so anything can happen.  I just hope it’s the ability to write more episodes for these stories.

With that, don’t forget to keep up with Walthenson, P.I.

Read the latest episode here – url –

And be on the lookout for his next case.

As for everything else, sorry, there’s no time left.

Until next month…

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