The A to Z blog challenge


I’m working hard to get ready for this when it starts tomorrow, Australian time, which means in some cases my posts will appear seemingly the day before, particularly for those who live in America or Europe, because of the very large time difference.

For those in America, we can be up to 17 hours ahead, which makes flying to, say, New York, appear like no time has passed.  As an example, some years back we left Australia about 3pm on New Year’s Eve and arrived in New York at 9 pm New Year’s Eve, which can be a little difficult to understand.


I’m frantically getting a few posts written before the event starts so that I’m not trying to get one written on the day.  I don’t work well under pressure, and more significantly, inspiration dries up when the deadline is imminent.

There is a theme, to do with my fascination word words in the English language, and each will start with, for example,

A is for …

and will continue each day except Sunday till the month ends.

So, tune in tomorrow for the first installment.

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