As another month ends

Where does time go?

I’m working on this theory that the older you are the faster time passes, and so far it seems like that’s the case.  I’m sure it was February just yesterday, or perhaps the day before.

Or, conversely, it could be the number of works in progress I have on the go that makes time pass quickly.

With the ep[isodic story that I post under the banner, what happens after the action-packed start, this had parts 15 and 16 just posted, and this ends the first of three sections of the story.

Of course, the decision to make it three sections only came before writing part 18.

Stay tuned for Episode 17 and beyond.

With the episodic story I post under the banner, I always wanted to go on a treasure hunt, this had about six more episodes written, and the latest part 7, posted recently.

Stay tuned for episode 8, coming soon.

With the episodic story under the banner, A story inspired by Castello di Briolio, this had undertaken a re-write because I was slowly writing this into an inescapable (pardon the pun) corner and needed some work.

This has recently seen two revised episodes written, 1 and 2 and there is more to come.

ON another front, there is the series Being Inspired where I take one of my photographs and write a story based on it, not something new but it amuses me, and there are now 45 of these, with numbers 44 and 45 soon to be published.

Busy, busy, busy.

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