Conversations with my cat – 22

This is Chester. He spends a lot of time looking out this window.

He’s keeping an eye of the birds outside.

Or, more to the point, he’s selecting the one he’s going to present to me on the back doorstep.

He missed the briefing when I told him that it was not the cat’s job to catch birds just keep them from eating my lawn seed.

Seems his natural instincts trump my instructions

No problem.

He can’t go outside.

Sorry. Not sorry!

2 thoughts on “Conversations with my cat – 22

  1. Ah, the joy of cats! I had a cat years ago who gingerly presented me with a little black snake she had found on her forays into the woods behind my house. I can still see her beautiful green eyes as she dashed up to me and dropped the dead thing at my feet. I wanted to scream, but I knew that she was just trying to share with me in her sweet cat way. Her name was Sheba. That was years ago and I do still miss her.

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