Are these people who say they have the answers to writing success useful or a hindrance?

I’ve been investigating, another word, perhaps, for research!

On how to become an overnight success.

It’s a mistake, I know, because everyone is different, everyone has their own way of doing things, and success comes for different people in different ways, quite often not able to be replicated by others.

What’s the expression, you had to be there.

I read success stories, I read what these people did to get 1,000 extra Twitter followers in a day, a week, or five minutes, sold thousands of copies of their books in a month, from absolutely nothing, and/or have the formula for success.

All you have to do is part with, hang on, yesterday it was $495.00, but today only, just for you, it’s $69.95.

Read the fine print, this might not work for you.  And, generally, who reads the fine print.

I read about other authors using book promotion services, yes we had 250,000 twitter followers just aching to buy you book.

Read the fine print, it depends on a whole lot of factors whether it sells or not.  You could be ‘lucky’.  Most authors are not.

What’s the answer?

I think it’s at the bottom of the abyss, where I’m in free-fall heading rapidly towards.

If I happen to find the answer and become ultra successful, I’ll be happy to share it for nothing.  It’s not going to affect my sales, not once I’m established.

It’s just taking that first step.

Perhaps I need to believe that hard word and perseverance will work.

I’m also sure there are 101 ways to taking that first step, and someone out there knows one, or two, and someone else, knows another.  It’s just finding those people who do know, and who are willing to share, not for $495, not for $69.95, but because they want to do it to help others.

And maybe, just maybe, all those who gain the benefit their wisdom will buy their books.

Hang on, perhaps that’s number one on the list of 101 ….

2 thoughts on “Are these people who say they have the answers to writing success useful or a hindrance?

  1. Hi Charles, I certainly understand where you are coming from. So much of writing is subjective. I went to a writer’s group a few weeks ago and they absolutely shredded something I had written. One particular person talked to me as if I had never written anything in my life. When it comes to getting published, it does appear that there are charlatans out there trying to take advantage of a writer’s hopes and dreams. It is all subjective though. What one person might be interested in another might not be so much so. I think the best approach is probably to reach out to other writers about helping promote a book through reviews. Book readings at libraries or book stores is probably a good idea, too, for self-promotion. But, no, I wouldn’t give a dime to someone promising they would promote my book. I figure I can promote my book myself by telling people about it. I might not get very far, but that is okay. I love writing and it is my passion. I do wonder how someone gets a literary agent. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks.

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  2. Shame on you, Charles! These people HAVE found the secret to overnight success. It’s selling gullible people books on how to become an overnight success!

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