There’s nothing like finding something that works, and then it disappears

You know the story…

Finally, someone out there gets it right and produces a product that really works.  For years, out of loyalty, you have persevered with all the little niggles because the product is almost there.

Then, finally, they get it right.

I’ve got one of those.  It’s called a Holden Commodore car.  It’s made by General Motors, in Australia.  It’s a car designed for Australia and built to work in Australia.

‘For years their cars have been great, but just miss the mark in a number of aspects, each year being beaten up by the Japanese and Asian imports on quality and extras.

Each successive model got better, and better, until, when I bought mine, it was as good as any import, if not better.  And it was ours, we knew buying one of these, the money was going to stay in the country.


General Motors decided to stop building Australian made vehicles because it was uneconomical, despite the Government handing over millions in incentives to stay.

Great decision General Motors.

Overnight it went from the number one bestselling car in this country to number twelve.

Apparently, no one is surprised.

Ford already left town years before, and there are no news Fords anywhere, not the Australian build variety anyway, and those in their last few years of life were terrible.  IT was a pity they didn’t work as hard as they do elsewhere to produce a worthy product the public might buy like Holden did.

But, alas…

There are no more homegrown Holdens, mine is one of the last few models made here, and about to, if not already, about to become a part of history.  I refuse to buy an imported version of the Holden Commodore.  They are not made for this country, or by Australians.


Someone has to make a stand, and that’s me!

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