What happened to February, I seem to have missed it

I’m on my late night reading of blog posts by the bloggers I follow, and a lot are saying February has gone, and are weighing up their achievements for the month.

I don’t think I got anything constructive done, notwithstanding the intent of making a new years resolution list and stick to it.  The only sticking was sticking it to the wall in from of my desk.

Oh, I finally got down on paper and onto the writing blog most of the episodes of the four stories I started while I was away.  It was easy to write on the plane, especially when there are 12 to 13 hours to be spent in an uncomfortable chair.

Anything to ease the pain, and take the mind elsewhere.

And, no, I did not incorporate a plane crash, but I did have a helicopter crash.

I did not get to the two novels that need to have editing finished.  That’s now slated for March.

But, the grim thing about two months disappearing like it has, the first I’m getting older, and feel like I have one foot in the grave, and the other, one-sixth of the year is gone and Christmas is approaching.

Don’t you worry, the supermarkets and larger chain stores will have the Chrismas decorations out on display before you know it.

I hope we still are calling Christmas, Christmas, because in these days of political correctness, and the will not to upset anyone other than the Christians (no, I haven’t noticed a sizable build up of lions and the building of a huge arena, yet!).


I’m still working through the ramifications of my (probably stolen) idea of mutual purchase and honestly reviewing books (because we all know the value of an honest review) by fellow authors with ebooks on Amazon that sales are sluggish.  That’s because mine are.

More about the idea can be found here http://bit.ly/2SZzJGk

It all goes back to the marketing strategy of getting reviews, and this is the hardest part.  So, why don’t we do each other a solid?

What’s the upside?  You get sales, which lift’s your book in the saleable scale that Amazon uses space rocket technology to work out.  The author gets a review and some income, perhaps so he or she can purchase the next book to review, (or another well-deserved cup of coffee) and it keeps the author’s presence on Amazon, who seems to be closing down those who are not ‘performing’  (I guess using the same space rocket technology to decided that as well).

Comments on the practicality of the scheme or the fact it might or might not work are always welcome at cwheath555@gmail.com.

Roll on March

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