Ain’t no mountain high enough

If only it was as easy to write one line of a song as it is to write a sentence, a paragraph, or a page of a book.

At times it feels like it is like climbing a mountain.

Curiously we seem to categorize almost insurmountable problems in terms of climbing mountains, but to me, it seems that might only be applicable if we were to attempt the north face of Mount Everest.

However, mountains have always been part of the metaphor for overcoming obstacles.

We can choose to climb over it, blow it up, or tunnel through it.  The general answer is the same in all cases, obstacles are not insurmountable, they just need time to find a solution.

Two items to note when it comes to mountains, the first, I prefer to go through a tunnel, and the second, there’s not a mountain I’ve been up that hasn’t had a magnificent view.  Of course, getting to the top has been easy, I just hopped on the tram or the gondola.

After all, isn’t that what they’re there for?

Ok, flippancy aside, I have had to climb a few mountains of my own over the years, and, yes, it’s hard work, and, at times, I’ve wanted to give up.

But, not today.  Today is a good day.

And as the title says, ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough!’



One thought on “Ain’t no mountain high enough

  1. I think that writing is like mining for diamonds and precious stones. Once discovered, they have to be carefully cut and polished. The process can be repeated until a write is ready for the public. The best of writes are rare.


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