In a word: Blue

Of course we all know this word is a colour, or color depending on where you live.You know, blue sky, deep blue sea, blonde hair blue eyes.  Very descriptive.

But it can also mean you are down in the dumps, a rather strange, for some, expression that means you are sad or unhappy.

For others to have a blue means to have a fight with someone

And oddly, and I know this from first hand experience, that a red haired person will be called bluey, or less pleasing either carrot top or blood nut.  I used to ignore those people who used those expressions, except for my father in law.

You can do something until you are blue in the face, which means do it without result until exhaustion, another way of saying your wasting your time.

And if something comes out of the blue, it usually means its entirely unexpected.  For me, that’s always a bill I wasn’t expecting, for someone else an inheritance.

And in some parts of the world, blue is used as a synonym for conservative political party, for insistence, the Liberal party in Australia, and the Democrats in the United States

Blue should not be confused with the word blew, which is the past tense of blow, which is wind causing an air current, or blowing air through pursed lips.

That doesn’t mean that if something blew up it was just a giant air mass exploding because it can’t.  If a bomb blew up it means it detonated.

And if that sounds complicated:

What if something blew my mind?  Does that mean my head exploded?  No, it just means its incomprehensible, whether good or bad.


What if I blew a fortune on a three legged horse?  We all throw good money after bad, but you can easily lose a fortune, or blew it.

Its the same thing with opportunities, for instance, he had a chance and he blew it.  Yes, obviously something better came along, not, or he just ignored a sterling opportunity.

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