Do you remember when…

We used to travel around in airplanes?


And in planes that had seatback screens where you could watch the planes progress?

It feels like we are never going to be able to travel anywhere ever again, even in a country where the COVID 19 virus has basically been controlled.


It hasn’t.  We were doing so well when everything has now gone haywire in the southern state of New South Wales, and it proves that with a moment’s complacency, it will come back.  More so because our vaccine roll out is , well, botched for want of a better word.

I suspect we will never get to travel again until we’ve reached this thing called herd immunity.  But for now, we have intermittent outbreaks, closed borders between states, and no one can make firm arrangements with the possibility of cancelling, and losing their money.

Certainly, we are being told overseas travel may not return until 2022.

Let’s hope it’s not that long.

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