Just another Monday

For spring, the weather at the moment is exceptional.

While yesterday it was boiling hot nearly all day, and we’re supposedly getting more sunshine today, it’s hard to see when Spring is going to arrive.

The sun is out and the temperature is about 33 or 34 degrees centigrade.

For those southern states, the weather isn’t as good, which is why at this time of the year, the southerners head north.

This year its different. The borders are open but in the back of your mind there’s always the threat the border will slam shut overnight. It’s odd to say the borders are closed because in this country the borders have never been closed, at least not before COVID.

Thus we still have a problem, or so everyone says. People are just not taking the risk to travel, and with no tourist income and without income there are no jobs, and, well, you get the drift.

Here’s the thing. We don’t have the Covid 19 bug here, and we don’t want it. It comes from overseas, and a quarantine system that mostly works, so there are the odd scares.

But we have vaccines now, and people can get it in a particular order, the front line people, then the elderly and frail, followed by those with underlying conditions.

We only have 28 million people so it shouldn’t take long to cover everyone, but we will still have a problem. The vaccine slows the spread, but it doesn’t stop it. We have not made the vaccine mandatory, so the anti vaccers will ensure the bug will stay around for a long time to come, so normal? Probably never.

Good thing I got in all my travel before the bug. But it will be a shame for the younger people who may not want to take the risk. Particularly if the bug mutates.

Meanwhile, the plans to build an underground bunker are proceeding. Like in a dystopian thriller, the only way to escape this bug is to hide away for a few years, and let the fools kill themselves off, and emerge into a whole new world.

Or, well if that isn’t an opening for a story…

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