Wishful thinking…

My phone, being smart and all, has been creating a notification that tells me I have some memories stored on it for this day a year ago, or two years, or many years.

The pictures it is showing are of our trip to Coffs Harbour one year, and Melbourne another year.

It serves as a reminder, but I wonder if those that came up with the idea might have considered that some people might not want to be reminded of events and places in the past.

Like now, when we are forced to stay at home and not travel because of the pandemic.  More and more this pandemic is impinging on us living what we might call normal life, thinking nothing of getting on a plane and going someplace else, other than home.

Of course, there are those who wrap this desire up in a package called ‘human rights’ and then go out to protest the fact we cannot do these things, failing to realise in their selfishness that we are in a pandemic, the virus hasn’t gone away, and it takes very little to create a second, or third, or even a fourth wave.

Perhaps I’m old enough to understand that rights aren’t been trampled, and it’s just a matter of prevention is better than cure.  Now, that prevention has managed to make our state, at least, safe enough to travel small distances, and to some other, but not all, states if we want to.

I don’t.  Not yet.  Not until there is a preventative measure in place, being one of the more vulnerable.  But something those selfish people don’t get or understand, we are learning that if you get it and survive, you don’t always return to your former health.  People who got it months ago, and so-called recovered, haven’t really, so if there is a second wave, they join us in becoming vulnerable, and could die.

So, enough of the bad news.

The good news, we can now visit nearby family and friends.

That’s the other side of the coin with these reminders.  It pops up photos of our grandchildren, reminders that one day all will be well again.

And until then, it’s not a bad thing my smartphone is going to keep sending me gentle reminders of what it was like in another lifetime.

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