Do you remember when…

We used to go to the park, not just at home, but anywhere?

The trouble is, these day, you don’t really know if it is safe, even if the authorities are telling you it is.

We still have cases of COVID 19. It doesn’t matter if the count is very low, 1 case, 2 cases, 4 cases, 14 cases, and no community transmission, or that the cases can be traced back to a previous, and allegedly contained, outbreak, or from those in quarantine.

What if it gets out? Humans being human, don’t like the idea of being controlled, and with little regard for their fellow humans, can and will do as they want. No amount of heavy handed authoritarianism is going to stop it.

So, the bad news is, no one knows when the next outbreak is going to happen., only that it will, and as happened in Victoria, once it gets out, it’s all but unstoppable.

We have the freedom to travel, to certain states, and our own, but leaving this state where the environment is fairly stable is just not on the cards for those susceptible to infection.

Therefore, there will be no stopping and smelling the roses, no going on planes to the other side of the world, or just the other side of the country, despite what we’re being told, and probably very little else until there is a safe vaccine, or the virus is eradicated.

just going to crowded shopping centres gives me the shudders, we only go to restaurants that practice social distancing, and we can never go to a cinema, or anywhere where it’s possible the virus can be transported through the air-conditioning.

Not while there’s still heated debate over whether the virus is transmitted a measurable distance by air, or by aerosol effect which tends to be worse again. I have to admit the latter is only a new term I’ve seen in the last few days, and it makes the virus all the more horrifying.

What is also worrying is the number of countries that are experiencing what is termed a second wave, including, it seems, most of Europe. I remember reading only a month of so ago how they all had got on top of it. What happened?

Well, for one thing, there is a whole new vocabulary being used, so for anyone even slightly interested, there’s a plethora of new words and terminology.

And if there could be something good to be got out of all this, I get more time to read, and write.

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