How do you fit an author’s biography into a few simple words?

Every year I come back to revisit this, and each year it becomes a harder issue to deal with.  All that’s recently changed is the number of characters you can use.

I’ve been trawling the endless collection of twitter descriptions provided by their users, noting that there is a restriction of 280 characters.

How do you sum yourself up in 280 characters?

I don’t think I can, so like everyone else, I tend to put down a few catchphrases, something that will draw followers.  I’m thinking the word ‘aspiring’ will be my catchword.

I’m aspiring to be a writer, or is that author?  Is there a difference, like for instance, one publishes eBooks on Amazon, one publishes hard copies in the traditional manner?

The thing is, I want to be different from everyone else.  The real fact of the matter is that I’m not.  Like every other writer, or author, I put words on paper, and some people will read them, and a whole lot of others won’t.

And it’s not because they don;t want to, it’s simply because they don’t know my work is pout there.

So, the question is, how the hell do I make myself heard?

Taking the tradition route, saying I’k a father, I have children, I have a long suffering but accommodation wife, that hours of shutting myself away is a necessity, but creates hardship on others, how an I different?

What is it about me that makes me different from anyone else?  Am I different, do I want to be different?  Certainly I want to be heard, so do I shout at the top of my vices from the top of the highest hill?

Perhaps it would be better if I was a retired policeman, a retired lawyer, a retired sheriff, a retired private investigator, a retired doctor, someone who had an occupation that was a rich mine of information from which to draw upon.

Retired computer programmers, supermarket shelf stackers, night cleaners, accounts clerks and general dogsbody s don’t quite cut the mustard.  A mundane life does a writer not make.

Perhaps I need a ‘killer biography’.  Does it mean that I have to be a ‘killer’?

Anything has to be better than the self-confession above, and it begs the question, should we try to embellish our personal history in order to make ourselves more appealing?

All very good questions which deserve really good answers.  The pity of it is no one wants to address them.

So maybe it’s time I take a leaf out of the book of one of my characters, and become larger than like, be the character that people want to read about, the one that translators them from their everyone mundane life, if only for a few short hours.  AS a writer, perhaps I simply want to be something, someone other than myself.

And there you have it, in a nutshell, why I write.

2 thoughts on “How do you fit an author’s biography into a few simple words?

  1. You may not actually be asking for feedback, but…

    Your website seems to be dated to 2016. An update may be in order?

    Wikipedia: not everyone’s favorite, exactly; but if someone is looking for you, they will expect to find you on Wikipedia. Of course, you will need to ensure that your page is Charles Heath (Author), since there are four or five other distinguished gentlemen with that name already there.

    So… I am not trying to point out typos, but a couple of the ones in this post made me smile:

    “… shout at the top of my vices from the top of the highest hill…” I just love the idea of shouting at the top of my vices. 🙂

    “…become larger than like…” In these days of social media, it is a terrific accomplishment to become larger than “like.” 🙂

    You are on my amazon wish list… I just have not gotten to you yet!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the info. I haven’t been to the web site lately but I’m publishing some more books over the next few months and will update. I’ll also fix the typos immediately.


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