Well, it’s that time again…

The clock just ticked over to June 7th, I’m my part of the world, and it is my birthday.  Of course, I wasn’t born at one minute past midnight, in fact, I don’t think I know when I was born, and will probably never know because my mother has dementia and doesn’t even remember me.

I guess this is what happens when you get old.  By now, most people my age have parents who have died, and they’re moving into that phase of their life where they get to travel and do all those things they said they’d do when they retired.


COVID 19 put paid to all of that.

We have people out there saying that it’s almost safe to go back out into the world, but, sadly, I don’t believe them.  Perhaps if I was 30 and could fight the virus off I might think differently, but alas I’m not.

So having waited all this time to do all those things retirees do, the world has changed and we can’t do anything, at least, not yet, until a cure is found.  And if a cure is not found?

Millions of old people will either die of the virus or die alone in very miserable circumstances.

Hey, it’s supposed to be a fun day, a birthday, not all doom and gloom.

Right here, right now, we thought we had it all under control.  Then, this morning we hear a man with the virus went from one city to another, infecting people in the plane, visiting friends, 15 to be precise, and infecting them, and then on another plane, infecting them, then his place of work, where who knows how many he infected.

One person.  That’s right, one single solitary person asymptomatically carrying the virus, allegedly not knowing he was infected, has caused a crisis that could exponentially explode into a second wave.  Imagine if he infects fifty people who infect another fifty each and so on.

And for days, a week or so before this, next to none positive cases.  We thought the worst was over.


It’s still here, still lurking in the shadows, and we are not safe.

I guess it just means one thing, from now on I have to live every day as if it is my last day because the chances are it just might be.

But at least for today, I will get to have a party.

Oh, sorry, family only and not more than 20, and we must still practise social distancing.

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