With self-isolation, is there a reason to get out of bed?

I sometimes wonder if there is.

Is that depression speaking, or am I just tired from all the late nights?

Unlike most writers, authors, and bloggers I don’t have a day job.  You could say it’s one of the benefits of getting old, this retirement thing, but after a while, not having a reason to get out of bed starts working on your subconscious.

The idea of having a job, and going to work, is a good reason to drag yourself out of bed every morning.  And because of this, the idea of sleeping in takes on a whole new meaning.

Of course, in these times of pandemic, self-isolation, the notion that us older more vulnerable people should not eave the house, for some it might become a long, lonely, and miserable existence.  For me, it will be the exact opposite in one sense, I don’t have to go anywhere, be anywhere, or do anything.

You know, I’ll just lie here for a few more minutes, and then I’ll get up.  Having turned off the alarm, the eyelids flutter, and before you know it, half an hour had passed, and you wake up in fright, knowing you’re going to be late.

In retirement, that doesn’t happen.  There is no alarm, there is no guilty pleasure in spending those extra minutes in bed.

Of course, this tardiness, or lack of desire could be because I find I do my best writing in the dead of night, often not getting to bed before 2 a.m.   Last night it was a little later because of a story I’m working on came to life with a new idea.

It had been stagnating because it’s I’d got to a point at Part 29, and I was not sure where the story was heading and whilst I had an idea about where it was going to go, in the end, we’re off in a different direction, and the words flowed.

You just don’t stop writing when you hit a vein.

But this isn’t always the case.  This morning I have an excuse to stay in bed, but most others I don’t.

But lately, I have found something that gives me that same reason I used to have to get up every morning.  Checking the pandemic numbers, and in particular, the infections and deaths in the US, and whether or not it was wise to reopen.  And I particularly like watching Mr. Trump, and what he has to say.

It’s round about the time we usually go away somewhere overseas for a month, but with the pandemic, and no cure in sight, the problem is nowhere in the world is safe anymore, so holidays, except in our own country, are out.

So from where I’m lying down, there’s no reason to get out of bed, but just let me lie here for a few more minutes and think about that.

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