Is there anything else going on other than COVID 19?

It’s an impossible bot to find the lead running on any news medium being about COVID 19.

Certainly, there’s enough stuff out there, from the outrageously rediculous, to the downright horrifying.

There’s 5G causing coronavirus, though I’m not sure how.  There are the unorthodox cures like injecting disinfectant, and there are lies, like there’s a cure just around the corner, to solemn truths, the number of people dying from a head in the sand attitude in Brazil.

How can people who are elected on the basis that they are supposed to look after their people, make such horrifically wrong decisions?

But enough…

It’s time to look at what’s really going on, and what all this hoo-har about COVID is covering up.

Fortunately, the Washington Post thinks the same as I do.  Oops, that was on the 16th March, obviously, in Washington, nothing else has happened since then other than the coronavirus, which is actually quite sad.


Megan Markle and Prince Harry are always in the news, and I didn’t have to look far to see what the latest is on them, and, sadly, it’s never good.  Oh, and it’s their second wedding anniversary, a surprise, to some, they lasted that long.

We got a recipe that Queen uses for her garden parties, so I don’t have to try and get to one now, I can just make the scones myself.

The sun, yes, that bright yellow thing in the sky that makes us hot or cold depending on the season, is in a lease active phase at the moment, and the last time it happened, we had an ice age.  It’s called a solar minimum.  The last time this happened was between 1650 and 1715, a little ice age.  Our current problems with climate change will prevent that from happening, so perhaps climate change is a force for good???

We’ve found footage from 1935 of the last known Tasmanian Tiger, or Thylacine, which is now thought to be extinct.  Every now and there there’s an alleged sighting, but not none have been scientifically verified.

And, yes, one for the thriller writers, man killed by hitmen in mistaken identity shooting.

There’s a story, right there!




3 thoughts on “Is there anything else going on other than COVID 19?

  1. You’ve written exactly what I’ve been thinking, Charles. (I felt very sad for the poor trapped Tasmanian Tiger from so long ago). He looked like I’ve felt the past two months with the lock down! Hey, let me out! Every day there is conflicting reports about Covid-19 and I honestly have stopped reading articles about it. I don’t know whom to believe anymore. I’ve decided to just take precautions and do the best I can. How’s Chester?


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