So far this has been an interesting month

Aside from the fact we seem to be emerging on the other side of the COVID 19 pandemic, we are constantly reminded that this could very well be the calm before the second storm.

Or as one person described it, we’re in the eye of a cyclone, having gone through one destructive phase, and now are awaiting the next.

It seems to have a degree of inevitability about it.  No cure, a virus loves cold weather, and people who forget very easily the things they should be doing, like distancing, and not spreading germs.

And will we learn from our mistakes?

It seems to me not.

I went to a hardware store the other day to get a latch for the gate, and, yes, they have the markings on the floor, directions for foot traffic, signs in the aisles saying there should be a maximum of four, and to stay one and a half meters apart.

Tell that to the couple who continually pushed in at the shelves, completely oblivious of the fact they should be social distancing.  I guess the fact they were wearing masks meant that they didn’t have to abide by the other rules.

Fools like this are why we’re going to finish up being locked back up again, and, worst of all, they’ll be the ones yelling the loudest how unfair it is.

Honestly, unless people can physically see something, it doesn’t exist in their eyes.  You can bet if a mad man with an automatic weapon walked in and started shooting randomly their distancing would be the first thing on their minds.

Sorry, I’m just angry at the many thoughtless morons I see every day.  The trouble is, they were probably thoughtless morons before all this, and this had just brought it to everyone’s attention.

Now that I’ve got off my soapbox, I find it a little more difficult these days, not having my constant companion, sometimes smirking, sometimes talkative, sometimes a right royal pain in the backside, but, nevertheless, always there.

It’s not the same talking to myself.

Now it really does feel like the first sign of madness.

Especially so since we still, as older and more vulnerable people, self isolate as much as possible.

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