What happens when the unthinkable happens?

Today, the unthinkable happened.

It might be possible the coronavirus may have penetrated the fortress walls.

My wife has suddenly got the dry cough, the sore throat, and a damp forehead which may indicate fever.

Three out of five or six symptoms.

It can’t be possible.  She had gone to work, kept strict social distancing, only gone out for essential reasons such as shopping and medical.  Continuously washed hands, everything expected to keep it at bay.

It should be just a bout of the common cold.


We call the doctor, he rang back for a teleconsultation.  Just in case, he gives us the number of the COVID 19 testing center.  We call, and they say to come down.

Yes, testing anyone with any of the symptoms.  It’s a scary thought.

We drive to the center, and I stay in the car.  It’s probably moot whether or not going in myself is going to be a risk, because if she has got the virus, then I’ll definitely have it because there’s no social distancing in families.

And especially those who don’t expect to get it because we’re doing everything right.

Except, I suppose, disappearing completely from the face of the earth.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Now we have a 24 to 72-hour wait for the result.

Bear in mind there have been numerous cases that have the symptoms, got the test, and died before the result of the test was known.  A worst-case scenario, but anything is possible.  Then, if you’ve got a cold, or a flu virus, and then get the coronavirus?

The horrors that have always been so far away just sneaked in the back door, and for the moment we can now understand the plight of those caught up in the pandemic first hand.  And just how frightening it can be to unsuspecting and ill-prepared people.

But let’s not go there just yet.  Crossed fingers everything will be fine.


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