The Shanghai Magnetic train

This is the first highlight of the day, but it takes an hour and ten minutes to get to the station.

Good thing then the trains leave every fifteen minutes.

Also, in a practical sense, the train is also used to take people to and from the Pudong International airport.

We have to wait a few minutes for the incoming train, and everyone is lined up like excited schoolchildren. We’ve been told the best side to sit is the non-passing side which we do.

Also, it is possible to see from one end of the train to the other as there are no doors dividing the carriages.


It seems to be bit old and creaky, making a fair amount of noise as it started cranking up the power, then elevating off the rail, ready to move forward.

Sadly it made as much noise as a normal train, and probably slightly more than the usual bullet train, particularly when it reached the advertised 431 kph.

This didn’t last very long because the 40 or so km trip took about 7 minutes, so by the time it hit 431, it sat there for about a minute before starting to slow down again.

All in all, it was a treat for those fast train enthusiasts to tick off their bucket list, but you wouldn’t go out of your way especially to ride in it unless you wanted a quick trip from Shanghai to the international airport.

Once was enough for me.

It’s time to move onto the Japanese bullet trains.

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