Writing instead of insomnia – 1

There’s nothing like being on an airplane and suddenly getting annoyed.

If it’s not the confined space, it’s generally because most people before a flight are usually stressed or on edge.  At least until the plane takes off.

Then it can be any number of things that can set you off

One might be the propensity for the liquid to spill.  Those tray tables are hardly stable or level at the best of times, and the plastic they serve meals on and pour drinks into, is very slippery and it doesn’t take much to spill.

I know, it just happened to me.

Of course, if its water, you can suffer the cold for as long as it takes to dry, but when it’s beer or wine, then there’s that ever pervading aroma the lingers long after it’s dried.

Yes, I had to spill beer, and yes, it does smell.

Annoyed am I, yes.

But that isn’t the biggest bugbear, that’s bothering me right now.  Its one the affects a lot of air travelers and it’s that 31 inches between seats and the person in front who decides to fully recline their seat, right into your face. 

I mean, it’s not that bad if everyone decides to recline, or it’s not mealtime, but on top of the spill, I’m not going to be in a good mood anytime soon.

So, while I’m at it, the next problem is airline food.  Ok, I get it, I’m in economy and I’m getting what I pay for, but seriously, I’m not really sure what it was I got, other than the rice, and, since we’re leaving Australia and one of our signature fast foods is the humble meat pie, why not one of those, a pleasant reminder of home, or the place you may have visited.

Air New Zealand has the right idea and serves you venison as a menu choice.

I guess bring a Chinese airline we’d be served Chinese food, but a menu describing what it was would be a help instead of being tossed on a slippery plastic tray and dumped in front of you.

Maybe I’m expecting too much from airlines who seem to consider that transporting you from one place to another in a seat that has a modicum of comfort more important than the trimmings.  Well, I guess that what you get for paying a rock bottom fare.

Maybe I could work this into a plotline if I can’t get to sleep.

Our next airline will be Air Canada.  I wonder if moose is on the menu?


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