Why is it so hard…

I know what it is I want to say, but do you think I can get it down?

Inspiration, maybe 85 is a case in point.

I’ve got stories written all around it, but this one has become the sticking point for the next few stories, especially 87 and 88.  I can’t work on them knowing 85 is a mess.

Yes, I’ve got the first part of the story down, but it’s not as good as I want it.  It started out as one and a half pages and the whole story about four or five pages.

Then I decided there was more to the story and extended the first part to two and a half pages, and the remainder covered six pages.  It was not meant to be that long, but the story sort of wrote itself.

But that first part!!!

It’s annoying me no end.  I’ve tried starting afresh, but the words don’t gel, I mean it’s very clear on my head how it’s meant to go.

Perhaps I should let it go for a day or two and work on something else.

The problem is another story I’m working on is in the same boat, I know what I want to say but can’t find the words.

Time, I think, to do something else.  I have lots of plants in pots that need transplanting.  That seems to be a lot easier than trying to find the right words.

I’ll let you know if the diversion worked in a few days.

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