Back to the movies…again

It’s not as if we have nothing better to do but …

Who’s not a sucker for a kick-ass CIA movie, well sort of …

To be honest the premise that a 9-year-old could blackmail a battle-hardened soldier used to taking out bad guys, sounded a little silly.


Hang on, it is a kids movie after all, and it surprised me how many people had come to see it. And it wasn’t all young children, but quite a few teenagers as well.

Was it worth the nearly two hours viewing time?


There could be less ads at the start before the movie started but I guess they keep the movies affordable. And allow you to run up to a half-hour late.

So, back to the movie.

It had everything you’d expect, unexpurgated violence, schmaltz, and the inevitable rescue of the 9-year-old and her mother from the bad guys at the end. It might have been predictable, but it was a gentle, and sometimes humorous, journey to get there.

I’m not sure I could write a story along those lines, but I might give it a try. I’m beginning to realize that sometimes there are different ways to tell the same stories.

And for once in what could be called a high action movie, it was a relief to find the dialogue not riddled with endless expletives.

All it takes is a cast who make it reasonably believable, and are not there just to collect a paycheck, or being cardboard cutouts with CGI going off all around them.

I’ll certainly be seeing it again when it hits the DVD stores in which no doubt I’ll get to see the nuances I missed the first time around.

One thought on “Back to the movies…again

  1. OK. So, I had to google this because I hadn’t the slightest idea what movie you were describing. “My Spy.” I had not heard a peep about this until I read your post! Sure enough, right there in the movie’s Wikipedia entry is revealed that it opened in Australia on January 9, 2020. Not released in USA yet, apparently. Hunh. Seems like my kind of movie… especially because I will be interested to see Ken Jeong in it. Thanks for telling us about this!

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