The year so far, a movie to remember

It’s three days old and I have managed to fit in a couple of movies and start writing the second Walthenson novel.

Guess what was the most important event…

I have been seeing the trailers for Little Women for a while and knew it was going to be a new version of Louisa Alcott’s novel.

To me, it was the American attempt of writing a Jane Austen story with an American slant.

To my surprise, actually not really a surprise, I remember seeing the original version many, many years ago and was quite taken with it, certainly enough to go out and buy the book.

I guess being of English extract, it seems odd to me that I should be interested in American novels, particularly those of the 19th century.  My thoughts often ran to nature and American heroes like Davy Crocket and places like the Alamo.

Certainly, there was any number of stories about the civil war.

But, most of my impressions of Americana came from Hollywood, the wild west, and John Wayne, who was, to me, larger than life.

History dripped from the storylines of many of the 12940’s and 1050’s films that had people like Humphrey Bogart.  My favorite, of course, The Maltese Falcon

But I digress…

Little women was brilliant and taking my two granddaughters one 13 and the other 16, their appreciation of the film was quite interesting, if not very positive.  In a theatre that was filled with a lot of people over the age of 40, it surprises me more teens don’t come along and see what ‘real’ films are like.

Unfortunately, we are inundated with cartoon characters, comic book heroes and remakes of remakes, the sort of rubbish that makes money, but does little for educating a teenage mind.

Perhaps this film should be made mandatory viewing for every teenager.



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