This is how the end of my decade went

December was a good month for getting things done.

For instance, of the four episodic stories I’m writing,

What happens after an action-packed start – I sat down and wrote the rest of the episodes except for one or two to wrap it up.  The story had been nagging at me for a few months now with bits of how I wanted to end floating around in the back of my mind, and, suddenly it all came together.

Was it just another surveillance job – THis also has been working away in the back of my mind and I managed to write another five or six episodes, an idea presenting itself.

I always wanted to go on a treasure hunt – This has stalled, but I hope to get back to it.  I wrote it to a point where it now needs to go in a different direction – I’m still working on what direction, but, I have been working on the treasure map, and I must say, that’s been fun

A matter of life, and … what’s worse than death – This had reached a point where a new avenue is to be taken and is still forming in the back of my mind.

Strangers We’ve Become, the sequel to ‘What Sets Us Apart’, is now back from the editor and I have to sit down and get on with the next draft.  I’m sure there will be lots of cuts because it had gone from just under 300 pages to over 600.

What can I say, there were many nuances that had to be followed.

Likewise, the final editor’s version for Walthenson’s first case as a private detective has also returned from the editor and needs to be attended to.  This I hope will be published soon.

There are several other works in progress that are hovering between the editor and my in-tray, and I will get to these soon.

At the moment I’m trying to get a few days rest, but those pesky stories keep dragging me back to the writing pad.

Still, it’s Happy New Year to everyone and I hope your writing endeavors flourish into best sellers.


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