Will this heat ever let up?

Just think, this time last year, give or take a month, we were driving around in sub-zero temperatures.

But, it could have been worse…

When we were in New York it was a range between 4 degrees and minus six degrees Fahrenheit.

A week later, after we left, those temperatures dropped to minus fifty, not necessarily in New York but in other places we have visited before, like Chicago.

Wow, did we get out of dodge at the right time?

Now, at home and not likely to be going to the other side of the world anytime soon, what could be called a welcome relief from the freezing cold has become a monotonous heat wave, where to venture out in the endless heat and, worse, humidity is more than a chore.

Dare I say it but the air conditioning is going night and day, and the only saving grace is the fact we have solar power, and that endless sunshine works for us.

In a manner of speaking.


I’m now on a quest for a place that is more temperate to visit, you know, not too hot, not too cold, but does such a place exist?

Have we managed through global warming to destroy anything that could be described as paradise?

Is there such a thing as global warming?

Have we been on this planet long enough with the science to prove it, that what’s apparently happening now, hasn’t happened before at one time or another?

I have no doubt paradise exists somewhere, but why would you tell anyone about it?  Once everyone knows about it, it ceases to be paradise.

So much for that quest.

Perhaps I should be grateful for the air conditioning and hope we don’t run out of electricity, as it seems demand is likely to exceed supply because of the industry’s failure to update its infrastructure.

It seems there is always a new problem on the horizon.

Perhaps it’s time to find a cave and go back to the days when we didn’t have to rely on anything except our own ingenuity.

And mercifully not have to fight off the dinosaurs.

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