In a word: Good

There is a TV show on at the moment called ‘The Good Place’.

It’s really the bad place which makes you wonder if there really is a ‘good place’.

This started me thinking.

How many people do you know, when you ask them how they are, they say ‘good’.

Can we see behind the facade that is their expression how they really feel?

And how many of us reveal our true feelings?

It seems to me there is an acceptable level of understanding that we take people at their word and move on from there.

And how many times when we suspect there is something wrong, we tend to overlook it in what is regarded as respect for that person?

What if something awful happened?

What if we could have prevented it?

What if we could have tried to gently probe deeper?

The problem is we seem to be too polite and there is nothing wrong with that.

But maybe, just maybe, the next time …

It’s just a thought.


3 thoughts on “In a word: Good

  1. This post got me thinking as well. Here’s another possibility. How many times do people ask “how are you” just as an automatic greeting? And, how many actually go so far as to notice when that person answers “good” or “fine” but their body language screams something different? are we becoming a group of individuals that ask to be polite, but really don’t care what the other person answers?

    Thanks for the thought-provoking post.

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