I’d like to say I have a cunning plan, but I don’t.

I’m happily working on the final part of part two, and have just completed two of the three chapters. It was going to be two only but I’ve found that I need one more. The section is still on plan, though a little longer from fleshing out the plotline.

It reads well, but by the time it’s finished, it will change the start of the third section of which I was outlining, and going back to it, the pages now have lots of scribbles on scribbles and crossings out.

Writing the first and second sections as separate parts had crystallised how the start of the third will be written, and I find myself going over the outline for later chapters and discovering holes that can now be filled.

And surprisingly I have a very clear idea of what will be in the last section, and, in fact, I’ve almost written in my head. I think one night I’ll probably sit up and write them before it all disappears. I’m sure you all know that feeling, when the words are there in your head, and you can almost see it.

Until you wake up and it’s all gone.

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