I think I need some time off

It has any number of names, from Leave of Absence to Vacation, but it is meant to be a time where you can rest and relax.

And by the time you finally get to go away, preferably somewhere as far from home as possible, you are sure ready for it.

Those long days at the office, the decisions, the deadlines, the endless pressure of having to achieve the impossible all melt away when you walk out the door, and what a feeling it is when you tell everyone, ‘I’m off on holidays, see you when I get back.’

As anyone will tell  you, it’s not wise to travel the next day if at all possible, because you need some time to decompress before tackling what sometimes can be an arduous getting to the final destination, especially if it is at a peak holiday period, or on planes where anything and everything can go wrong very quickly.

Been there done that.

We have travelled the next day, and nothing went wrong, but on the other hand, on other occasions not so lucky.

Except …

As a writer and having spent the last few months finishing off my last novel, and it was possible to get away for a few days.

Then, as it always does, despite the best-laid plans of mice and men, once again Murphy’s Law strikes again, and it all comes unstuck.

Inspiration often comes out of left field; something happens, a piece in a newspaper, an item on TV, or just lying down staring at the ceiling, when ‘bang’  it hits you.

As the travel arrangements start to unravel, you’re stuck in a departure lounge having missed the connection, and waiting for the airline representative to come and tell you a miracle has occurred,

You find yourself immersed in the start of a new story, with a theme that you can run with.

Damn, the airline representative comes over, looking flustered, telling us there’s a flight leaving in 20 minutes, and it’s waiting for us to board.

The idea goes back in storage, and we run.

Once on the plane, relaxed, and after dinner is served, I can come back to the idea, and make some notes.

Until I get an elbow in the side, and a dark look from my companion.

This is a holiday, not a working holiday.

Sigh.  Maybe later when she’s asleep!



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