Where is the good news?

I’ve spent the last few hours scouring the papers and the internet, looking for the good news.

The sad fact is, there is none.

But for fiction writers, it is manna from heaven!

It seems there are hundreds of people dying needlessly because guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  It’s an interesting theory, one that will no doubt fuel debate for all eternity, and still, nothing will be done.  Not while armaments are a large part of the American economy.  Every time there’s a mass shooting, gun sales rocket.

Just saying.

There are floods, and there are famines, and these are caused not by mother nature but people.  People seem to be responsible for everything bad that happens.  Of course, people caused the changes in our climate that is fuelling all these problems, but …

All of this is drowning out the fact that earth has been suffering these problems in the past, a long way into the past, and it is part of the evolutionary cycle.  Floods happen, famines happen, the sea gets warmer, the ice cap melts, we’ve been there and done that before.  The only difference, people weren’t there to record or observe it, so there wasn’t going to be a problem when the sea rises two or three metres.

Perhaps trying to get that ultimate sea view wasn’t the best of ideas.

Then there’s trouble of a different sort.

We’re heading for armageddon in the middle east, one way or another, and everyone is skirting the battleground.  Political posturing, as well as appeasement, has been going on for years, but it can only last for so long before someone does something stupid, and lights the fuse.

If that fuse gets lit, then we won’t have to worry about climate change or gun control.  A far more insidious death and destruction of civilization will await us.

Doom and gloom it is.  The newspapers, the political commentators, the politicians, the megalomaniacs, everyone need to take a step back.  Leaders of the larger nations of this world should be setting an example, not try to see who can make the most noise.  You have to remember that old, but very relevant saying, empty vessels make the most noise.

People with any sort of influence should be calling for detente, not push their own ideals or try to make money selling papers, magazines, or air time.  They should be trying to address the issues and make people feel safe, not add fuel to the fire of insecurity, whipping up hysteria against countries, religions and minorities.

Still not good news…

Then there is a looming trade war.  But here’s the thing.  If America doesn’t want to trade with China, there’s a whole lot of other countries that do.

OK, so there’s the good news, for some.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep looking for the good news.  There has to be some, somewhere.




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