Well, there goes another month

And I’m still trying to figure out what happened to the 30 days that just seem to fly by.

It was, most likely, due to the A to Z Challenge that I participated in during April.  Having to write a blog post every day is taxing on the creative powers.  But, despite a few times when it was deep into the day and I still didn’t have a topic, I managed to pull through and will be doing it again next year.

There was also a NaNoWriMo writeathon on at the same time, and unfortunately, I couldn’t do both, not with the five stories I’m now concurrently writing.

Yes, you heard right, five.  Each appears in episodic form on my writing blog:


These five stories are (descriptive names are so that I can separate them in my mind)

A story based on Castello di Briolio, at a time during WW2, which is written to Part 7, published to Part 5

A story that started with a helicopter crash, and now dealing with the aftermath, written to Part 22, but published to Part 17.  It will end up as a novella in three parts (I hope)

Just another surveillance job, but it will turn out to be more than that, 5 parts written, 2 parts published

The treasure hunt, and my favourite at the moment, written to Part 15 and published to Part 10

And a new one that hasn’t had any published parts, and is being written out of order, without a plan, as you might guess, but is about rescue, a landing on a frozen lake and infiltration of the enemy in a mothballed ski resort, also a WW2 story.  This one was inspired by, where I started writing it,  Lake Louise in Canada where we stayed over New Years.

Besides these five stories, I am also in the throes of the second revision of my Private Detective story,  The Cases of Harry Walthenson, of which the latest part, Episode 71 was just published.  You can find it here:


And, if that’s not enough, I also write a story to photograph post every now and then, and the latest in that series is Being Inspired, maybe – 48, and can be found here:


And as for the novels I’m supposed to be writing, sorry, there are not enough hours in the day.


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