Conversations with my cat – 31


This is Chester. He doesn’t like being on the end of a berating.

In a moment of extreme pique, as can happen when dealing with an obstinate and sometimes utterly obdurate cat, you can sometimes forget who is the master and who is living on borrowed time.

It’s like dealing with a spoilt child, but unlike a child, you cannot get down to their level and instead of speaking down to them, you can reach them on their level.

With a cat it’s different.

You are enraged, you see red, you are prone to becoming something other than who you really are, going from calm and urbane, to this red-faced infuriated gibbering idiot.

Over something so simple that you can only describe the circumstances as inexplicable.

And yet above it all, this wretched animal remains quite calm and looks at you with those innocent eyes and a fave that tells you that whatever the problem is, he didn’t do it.

Those claw marks on the curtains didn’t get there by themselves, did they?

And it’s not as if the humans are likely to climb up the curtains, is it?

What’s the point?

It’s off to the vet to have the claws cut. Then we’ll see what happens.

I’m also wondering if we really need curtains. I hear shutters are in vogue.

Damn cat!

One thought on “Conversations with my cat – 31

  1. Lol, did you hear about the horse, the dog and the cat that arrived at the pearly gates together. St Peter first asked the horse what good deeds he’d done on earth to deserve a seat in heaven. The horse had no trouble convincing St Peter he had earned his seat, and related stories of how he enhanced the lives of his humans. St Peter offered him the seat to his right. Then he moved onto the dog – same thing. All the dogs good deeds on earth had him seated to St Peters left. With that he turned to the cat – but before he could open his mouth the cat looked him squarely in the eye and said, “before we get started, I believe you’re sitting in my seat”.
    Such is the nature of cats….. love them.

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